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Long awaited news

Published 15. May 2011 by Jon Kristian. Tags: , , ,

So, we hope you like the new look. This is a long-overdue update to the website to bring a consistent appearance in line with the Arch Linux style. There have been changes in the back-end as well, and that is actually what had held back the update from rolling out sooner.

There is a lot of room for improvement, but a one- or two-man show is not always enough. That is why we have created a separate forum for feedback and suggestions. For obvious issues or feature requests, please use the bugtracker.

Our long-term goal is to eventually have deep integration between the website and external databases, such as the VCS and package repositories. We have a standalone bugtracker in review currently, and we intend to replace our Flyspray installation with it. We also look forward to having an easier VCS contribution process (with regards to setting up permissions and the like).

On other news, there is work in progress currently to have an automated build system for a nightly repository of development builds. We will try to reflect all of our work in Subversion including that of
the website (under the “projects” directory) so that anyone may join in the fun.

That would be all for this announcement – til next time!

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