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Update and Interview with JazzyEagle

Published 23. October 2014 by harryhaaren.

After a time of silence here on, we’re back with lots of news about Arch and using Arch for audio purposes. Actually, we’re gonna do a few little features on users, developers and companies interested in Arch linux for audio projects. Up to date packages for a variety of popular audio programs are available in the ArchAudio repositories.

Interview #1, JazzyEagle

Today we talk to JazzyEagle, an Arch user and enthusiast packager who’s been intrested in Linux since the late 90’s.

ArchAudio: Tell us a bit about yourself?

JazzyEagle: I’m Jason Harrer (pronounced like Harper without the “p”) and I live in the US, around Denver, CO. I work in the HealthCare industry as a Manager of a Medical Claims processing unit. My hobbies are playing/writing music and programming computers.

I got interested in Linux way back in the late 90’s, but thanks to a modem with no Linux support at all, I couldn’t really do anything with Linux, so I gave it up. I tried it again probably about 4 – 5 years ago after someone showed me Ubuntu, and, despite accidentally reformatting the hard drive multiple times when the intent was dual boot, I’ve been running various *buntu distros until I found Arch and fell in love with it.

ArchAudio: How about your musical interests?

JazzyEagle: I listen to all genres, but the ones I like the most are in the grunge/hard rock zone. I do play guitar, bass, keyboards and even accordion. Although I don’t claim to be able to play other stringed instruments, I have been known to pick them up and fiddle with them enough to play what I needed to on rare occasion.

ArchAudio: Wow, that’s a lot of instruments! So where does Arch come into all this?

JazzyEagle: I like the ability to create the system to the way I want it without installing a bunch of stuff I don’t want, as well as the cutting/bleeding edge rolling release philosophy of Arch. I tried Parabola, but I’ve determined that there are some non-free things I like, and so it didn’t quite fit my needs.


That’s all for now, stay tuned for the next update: about the MOD LV2 guitar pedal, and how it utilizes Arch linux on the inside!

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