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Interview MOD : Arch based FX pedal!

Published 26. November 2014 by harryhaaren. Tags: , , ,

After talking JazzyEagle about ArchAudio last month, we catch up with a recently Kickstarted project; the MOD! The MOD project brings the arch audio ecosystem to a hardware FX unit for use on stage.

Interview with MOD

What is the MOD project?

The MOD is a hardware audio plugin processor based on Arch Linux, JACK and the LV2 plugin standard. MOD devices are autonomous processing units that have an embedded ARM CPU running an Arch Linux based OS. Users can connect remotely to their MODs and assemble virtual pedalboards with the plugins. There is also a Social Network where users can exchange their pedalboards.

Editing a pedalboard using the HTML5 based interface

Awesome! So why did you choose Arch as the distro?

The choice of Arch Linux is based on a few key points. The assembly of the OS starting from a very minimal install and building the pieces on top of it based on features demand, using a very modular approach. The system philosophy is not targeted towards automation but to performance. Our system needs to be as lean possible, so easily customizing the install is necessary. The flexible and practical package management provides this ease to create and manage .tar.gz packages, and this is very valuable to the MOD.

Question: How can Arch developers get involved with MOD?

Both the plugins as the OS can have involvement from the community. All our code is open source and it is possible to run the MOD software in desktops machines. It is all hosted at  We have an SDK to create the HTML plugin interfaces so DSP coders can publish their plugins with beautiful and appealing graphic interfaces.

Cool! Thanks for talking to Where can interested readers find out more?

Our website has the details, theres a pre-order store online, and you can subscribe for email updates, twitter and facebook to keep up to date!

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