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Interview with Hlynur – Arch based Glitch DnB producer

Published 30. December 2014 by harryhaaren.

December passes, with the holiday season and lots of time off… Here at we talk to 18 year old programmer / sys-admin / producer Hlynur about using linux to create glitch music.

Hi, thanks for taking time to chat to! Who are you, and what
are your interests?

Hey! My name is Hlynur, and I’m a 18 year old programmer from Iceland. My interest include Competitive Programming, Linux, All things Glitch (Music, Art, etc) and Electronic Dance Music (my favorite sub-genres include Glitch / Glitch Hop / Dubstep / Drum and Bass)

Wow competitive programming, what does that involve? And what are your
favorite tools?

You need to solve various problems (Mathematical or the like) computationally under a time constraint, it’s really fun. My favorite programming language is Python and vim is the best editor ever. Ofcourse, I can’t forget the window manager i3!

You mentioned a lot of electronic and glitch music, are you a musician?

That’s the funny part… I have no musical talents, but I listen to a lot of music. I just started playing around with LMMS last week and have been getting way better results than I thought I was capable of!

So you’re impressed with LMMS and the Linux Audio eco-system? Is there any
synth or feature of LMMS in particular you’re fond of?

Really impressed, I was pleasently surprised when I found LMMS and just had to try it out. I still have a lot to learn about LMMS and music in general, so I’m still just experimenting and trying to find my sound

Any closing notes you’d like to add?

I tried to get into EDM back when I used Windows, But I just was having a hard time finding help and support at the time. But I feel as the LMMS community does an amazing job with helping beginners get their footing in their software and in music.

Thanks to Hlynur for talking to!

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