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    It looks like the last post was 7 months ago so this is just a ping to see if anyone is still around. Nice to see bbForum in use.

    FWIW I left Arch for Ubuntu shortly after the initial systemd migration but it seems I can’t get away from systemd. Oh well, I’ve made my peace with it now. I have also renewed my interest in audio now that ardour4 is available and I have a decent enough laptop and usb device for audio. I basically want to do screencasts with simplescreenrecorder and get the audio captured and mixed as good as I possibly can hence my interest in ardour and the Calf plugins instead of just i.e; audacity. Trouble is I use a pre-release of Kubuntu 15.10 (wily) for HiDPI support and most of the cool KXstudio apps are for way older versions of *buntu and after having used Arch for years I really don’t want to start building deb packages.

    So, dilemma, should I switch back to Arch (or dual boot) or hang in with Kubuntu and wait for KXstudio to come out with the next long term release in Jan 2016.

    I guess my question is… does Arch pro-audio have a viable and active “support group” somewhere or, going by the lack of interest in this forum, is it all but dead in 2015?



    Holy crap, the return of markc!

    As much as I’d like to say otherwise, the project could be considered dead, but that’s only because no-one else wanted/wants to pick it up, and I have not had the time for the last couple of years due to higher studies and new jobs and such things that tend to happen to some of us at some point.

    The key takeaway is that the arch proaudio community is pretty self-sustaining by itself without the need for separate support, otherwise we would have seen more posts here. But if there’s really anyone willing a lot can be provided through this project that the official repositories lack (I am a packager for the official repos also btw, but even there I have been intermittently MIA).

    The latest update is that Jon Kristian (admin) has a dedicated server up that is running on Arch. I had it on my TODO to set things up but I have been failing to deliver on that self-promise. Anyway, that could serve as a build machine. Don’t forget to join #archaudio and JackWinter (Johannes Hernberg) should be on there to chat you up (but I could be wrong as I have been detached for some time).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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