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Possible to use Jack with Alsa and FFADO?

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    I’ve been trying to set up my M-Audio Firewire Solo and Arch and appear to have them working inasmuch as I can see that something is recorded in Ardour through the FS.

    I have, however, no sound at all. I’ve heard that this can be an issue with the FS, but, initially, I’m assuming this is a Jack connection issue. When I use the ffado or firewire backend to jack (I assume those are actually the same backend really?) I only have the firewire outputs to route any output to. What I want to do, for the moment at least, is route the master outputs of Ardour to my normal Alsa outputs, so that I can hear them through my computer speakers. Is this possible, or are Alsa and FFADO mutually exclusive?

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    It turns out it is possible, Lots of googling later I discovered that, if I run:

    jack_load audioadapter

    after starting jack, it adds an adapter called “audioadapter” to the connection options which mps to the Alsa audio input and output. Which means I can record via my Firewire Solo, but listen to the output via Alsa – as I wanted 🙂



    Glad you resolved this yourself. Indeed, the flexibility and possibilities for routing audio is the highlight of jack, so if you couldn’t do it, there must be a problem. Monitoring and capturing devices can certainly be different.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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