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Setting up pulseaudio with RME multiface

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    I am new to the forum so hello everyone ! I am an Arch user since 6 months and I am really happy with it !

    EXCEPT the fact that I still haven’t succeed setting up multisource sound…
    I would like to use pulseaudio in conjunction with jack2-dbus, but for now setting up pulseaudio is my main priority.

    Until now, each time I have tried to launch pulseaudio I only got one source sound, however I have configured the output to my RME soundcard in the pavucontrol.
    Today I did a bit of a mess, I have installed cadence, a jack interface, thinking that it could resolve my pulseaudio problem. I recognize the idea was stupid, pulseaudio needs to work before trying anything else.
    Now probably due to cadence configuration, pulseaudio start after each login, and I can’t get any sound with it. It starts even after deactivating the pulseaudio and pulseaudio.socket system service, and the “Auto start at login” option is uncheck in cadence…

    I hope some of you know how to make it work, I really want to use audio in linux, I would love to use Renoise but I really don’t understand how to make my configuration work.

    Thank you !

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