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Arch Linux *

* You must already have a working system with sound (see ArchWiki)


We have a total of four binary repositories on our server (no mirrors yet). For now, only our ‘production’ repository is somewhat active, while ‘experimental’ and ‘nightly’ may be empty (they will provide automated nightly builds of devel packages sometime in the future):

# ArchAudio Production
Server =$repo/$arch

Bernado ‘smoge’ Barros provides optimised x86_64 binaries for Intel Core i machines at this site.

There iswas also an independent Arch Linux pro-audio LiveCD (work-in-progress) project by Sean ‘seanbutnotheard’ Corbett which you can check out here.


You need the Subversion program to download our buildscripts (and other project files) from the development tree. You can then do an anonymous checkout by running:

svn co archaudio

These are working copies of ongoing development, so the scripts may not reflect the contents of existing binary packages.

A Git mirror is available too, maintained by Bernardo ‘smoge’ Barros:


We also distribute our buildscripts via the Arch User Repository, the prized add-on feature of our beloved distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system. Since they are maintained by different users there, the frequency of updates and content may fluctuate.


Below is a list of our previous efforts, which are basically infant initiatives.

ProAudio@Google (defunct) – A dedicated repository with source-based packages for distribution, initiated by Mark “markc” Constable (he was also the maintainer of a KDE repository). This was what led to ArchAudio.

Berkus’ Madfire (defunct) – Our earliest home of binaries and sources.