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Buildscript Write-access
To start contributing your PKGBUILDs or if you want to update something on our repo(s), we first have to authenticate and add you as a valid user to the SVN database. Simply send an e-mail to our admin with the hash of a chosen password, preferably in the below format. The hashing can be done with for eg. htpasswd from the apache software package, or by using a web tool like this one.

Subject: [ArchAudio][svnauth] johndoe
Message: johndoe:$apr1$GaFKf4XP$5BloyulAorTtSbnVWoerH0

Initially we planned to automatically add registered members to the access list, but due to technical shortcomings it is currently not possible. As such, we recommend you spend the extra minute to do this 😉

Binary Write-access
If you are interested in helping out with inspecting buildscripts, uploading their binaries, fixing package-related bugs, improving the site etc. then you should write to our ML (dev – archaudio – org), stating your interest and intentions.

Further reading:

You may also just hang around in our IRC channel #archaudio on the network.