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Long awaited news

Published 15. May 2011 by Jon Kristian Under News | Tagged: , , , Comment »

So, we hope you like the new look. This is a long-overdue update to the website to bring a consistent appearance in line with the Arch Linux style. There have been changes in the back-end as well, and that… Read on »

Server move

Published 3. May 2010 by Jon Kristian Under News | Tagged: , , Comment »

Next Sunday the 9th at 2200 CEST the server will be moved to a faster/more stable location. Expect some downtime from 2200 hrs and during the night.

Status update

Published 19. May 2009 by Jon Kristian Under News | Tagged: , , Comment »

Hello! I just uploaded a temporary design to get a uniform look for the site and forums (I know some of you will be happy about this). We are currently in dialogue with the Arch Linux developers regarding the… Read on »

IRC Channel

Published 21. March 2009 by schivmeister Under News | Tagged: , 1 Comment »

The new one is: #archaudio

The old one is: #archlinux-proaudio

And they’re at Freenode (

I had set channel-forwarding in the old channel to auto-send users to the new channel. This includes an invite-only option together with a… Read on »

Status report & meeting summary

Published 2. February 2009 by Jon Kristian Under News | Tagged: , , 9 Comments »

Hello everybody! I know it’s been quite a while since i promised to post a status-report and discussion summary from the meeting, but better late then never:)

Things have been busy for me these past months, with deadlines, meetings and… Read on »

Awesome ArchAudio meeting

Published 12. November 2008 by markuman Under News | Tagged: , 3 Comments »

I would like to have a meeting regarding the binary repo, and future planning. I think it would be nice to gather everyone at #archlinux-proaudio on

If you are interested, please reply here, and please let me know if… Read on »